| Rates & Services |

- Rates will be honored for three months after they were quoted.

- A $50 non-refundable deposit is due at the time of booking. Should you cancel the session within 48-hours of our meeting time, you will be refunded your session fee minus the deposit.

- Following the session, images are selected, professionally edited and delivered to clients in approximately two weeks.

- Payment is due in full at session. 


| Location |

- I will suggest locations that are appropriate for the look we are aiming to achieve. However, if you have a location in mind, please let me know.

- For locations farther than 30 minutes from Hamburg, NY, an additional location fee may be included.


| Publishing + Posting + Editing Rights|

- I understand you may want to keep some of your photos private. However, I will use photographs from your session to add to my portfolio, either printed or published online, unless privacy is requested. After reviewing your images, please specify if you do not want any particular photos (or all) to be published within three days.

- As the photographer, it is up to my creative discretion which photos are worthy of editing based on overall quality. I will edit the images in a manner that keeps with my professional style.

- Within two weeks from our session, you will receive an email with a link to an online gallery where you can view, download and print your images.

- Please DO NOT ALTER the photographs; i.e cropping, adding ‘filters’, converting to black and white, etc. If you would like a change to be made, please notify me and I will be happy to make these minor adjustments for you at any time within six months of the shoot.

- I will keep your original photos on an external storage drive for six months after our initial shoot.


| Printing Recommendations + Disclaimer |

- All clients have full printing rights of their purchased images.

- I want your photos to look as flawless in print as they are online. In order to receive the best quality pictures, I recommend printing through the online gallery provided, or via a professional lab like Mpix, TinyPrints, or Millers Lab. The costs are comparable to those at your local drugstores. Trust me, the ink and printing quality is worth the wait of shipment.


| General Scheduling Agreement |


- I will not cancel my appointment with you unless there are extenuating circumstances; i.e. illness, family emergency, or weather.

- In the event that you need to reschedule, please notify me within 48 hours of our scheduled shoot.

- If the weather is forecast for rain, snow or extreme wind or cold, I will not formally cancel the shoot until 2 hours prior to the scheduled time.


| Reminders + F.A.Q.s + Tips |


- Not all locations have usable restrooms. Especially if you have younger children, make sure you have the chance to take a restroom break before your arrival.

- My photography style encourages families to snuggle, play, laugh and engage each other in natural and organic ways, although there will be some “look at me” poses included as well.


Thank you!