• Mary Ann Cozza

Buffalo Maternity Photographer | Mordaunt Family | Amherst State Park

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

When I met Heather and Mike at Amherst State Park for her maternity portrait session, I felt like meeting her was just meant to be....like we were brought together to accomplish some really wonderful things. And we did. These pictures are so sweet and really capture how loving and fun this family is together, in addition to documenting this wonderful phase of life. A new baby is coming and everyone is just so excited - big brother included.

I love to shoot at Golden Hour, but that is usually a toddler's bedtime and it can be challenging. But Sebastian was a trooper and we let him participate when he wanted to and roam the fields when he didn't want to join us. By letting them have some freedom - we can (hopefully) prevent kids from melting down and still get sweet pictures that highlight their personalities.

For more information on maternity sessions, email me at macozzaphotography@gmail.com today.

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