• Mary Ann Cozza

Buffalo Baseball Newborn Portrait Session

I am a super-duper huge baseball fan. I come from a baseball family full of coaches and players and umpires and have watched the game my entire life. When I arrived at the Olsen's house to take pictures of baby Emmitt, I fell in love with his baseball nursery. It was adorable and obviously decorated with loving care. And while I could tell dad wasn't thrilled with having to participate in a newborn portrait session (even though I promise to make it so easy!) we ended up talking baseball for a while and he totally warmed up to the situation.

Having a newborn can be draining and you might feel like you won't have the time or energy to clean your house for a newborn photo shoot. But guess what? We did this entire session in baby Emmitt's nursery. There were boxes of diapers and stacks of onesies in his room, (it happens and it's ok!) but we put them in the hall way, found our good natural light and made it work. And I just love these pictures!

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