• Mary Ann Cozza

Mom & Baby Boy Buffalo Newborn Session

Being a new mom is hard work. There's little sleep and a lot of worry. There's a new body and new emotions to get used to and a precious little person who completely relies on you for everything. Pheeewww - no pressure!

When this new mama first contacted me about newborn portraits she was certain that she only wanted pictures of baby Logan alone. I knew that whatever insecurities she might be having postpartum would someday fade and regret would take it's place for not being in the pictures, too. I convinced her to trust me and give me a chance - and we took beautiful, memorable newborn portraits that she (and Logan) can cherish forever.

So here I am reminding all new mamas (and dads) to get in the picture. I always say that "babies don't keep" and when they're toddlers, pre-teens, teenagers and then adults, you'll wants those images of you cradling a tiny, sweet little baby (who doesn't drive, walk or talk back 😉).

Contact me today to schedule your own newborn portraits! And be prepared to get in the pictures, too!

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