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Top 6 Tips to Prepare for Your In-Home Newborn Photo Session

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

Before an in-home newborn session, I send my clients a few tips and tricks to prepare for our time together. I include things like - what clothes to wear, how to prep your space and more. Below, I'll go over my top easy-to-follow tips for prepping for a newborn photo session in your own home.

1 - Choose colors wisely. For newborn sessions, I love lighter neutrals and tones that "go" with your surroundings. Dark colors can come across as somber and you can often lose details when you wear black, navy and other dark shades. Also, be aware of the colors in your living spaces. If your walls are painted yellow, wearing a red or black top wouldn't coordinate well. You don't have to "match" your decor, but you should "go" with it and not clash.

2. Timeless, comfortable clothes FTW. When it comes to the clothes themselves, I encourage you to choose things that aren't too tight (you just had a baby - so give your body some grace!) and definitely not too short. We'll be sitting during the session and too much leg showing can be distracting. You don't want to be pulling on your clothes the whole session, so opt for something flowy or comfortable that makes you feel good. Also, try to avoid tops that are really low cut, as I shoot a lot from above, while standing on my step ladder. If you're unsure about your clothing choices, send me a picture! I'm here to help.

3. Swaddles and simple onesies are your baby's best friends. Wrapping baby up prevents them from jerking their little limbs because of their Moro/startle reflex. It also usually keeps babies calm and "contained" in parents' arms. Simple onesies and gowns will keep baby's face and features as the "star" of the picture, rather than words and designs on clothes.

4. Decluttering your space and raising the blinds is all you need to do! And really - I don't mind doing this when I arrive. I can move baby swings, stack of books, clutter from nightstands, etc., after we pick the best spots to shoot. Raising the blinds and opening the curtains allow the most natural light to flood your space, which is what we need for great portraits. I may even ask to move furniture around a little, and that's totally normal. We're aiming to get you in the best light possible. Also, a lot of people worry that their houses are too small for in-home sessions, but that's not true! I can shoot anywhere, as long as you have a few windows!

5. Feed and change baby before I come. While I don't need your little one to be sleeping during our session (I actually love seeing their open eyes watching me or parents), changing their diapers and offering a feeding before we begin shooting will keep them content. We will always stop for baby's needs during the session, but a full and dry baby is usually a happy one.

6. Communicate with your newborn photographer (me)! If you have a vision for the session, a special quilt you'd like to incorporate, a certain pose you want to try or ANYTHING you want to include in your newborn photo session - please let me know! The more prepared I am for our time together - the better the end results will be.

I hope you found these tips to be helpful in preparing for your newborn photo session. If you have any questions before your shoot, exercise tip #6 and communicate your thoughts with me!

Happy couple with newborn in nursery for photo session.

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