• Mary Ann Cozza

Why I Love Maternity Portraits and Want You to Love Them, Too

I'm a firm believer that having professional pictures made semi-regularly is important if you have the means to do that. Taking pictures to document the large milestones of life, as well as the small moments and details, will help us remember those times long after they've passed. I love looking at a pictures of my kids as little toddlers and vividly reliving that exact moment with them. I can hear their laughs and it makes my heart so full.

And what is more monumental that expecting a child? The changes a woman's body makes to grow a child are miraculous and the expectation of waiting for that child is just so sweet. I was hesitant to have my own maternity pictures taken when I was pregnant with my first child. But when I received the images back from the photographer - I was blown away. I looked so happy and really glowed from the inside. I treasure those images and love looking back at how hopeful and young my husband and I seemed. Those are the feelings I want to share with others. I want women to love the way their bodies look in maternity photos, yes, but more importantly, I want them to embrace their strength and experience a sense of joy at what they're accomplishing!

So really, maternity portraits aren't just pictures. They're an experience and a tangible memory I want all of my clients and friends to enjoy.

And since we live in Buffalo - it's important to mention that maternity portraits can be taken anytime of year. Indoor in your own home or favorite unique spot, or outdoor in the snow or sunshine - they're all beautiful! Check out my portfolio here and send me an email. We'll create your dream session together.

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